Important Facts About Using Organic Cleaning Supplies Updated for 2024

Updated: April 12, 2024

Here are some important facts you need to know about buying and using organic cleaning supplies.

First, the reason that one should use  organic cleaning supplies is because they are:

  • eco-friendly,
  • earth-friendly,
  • easily recyclable and
  • gentle to the earth are non-toxic to pets.

They are safe for babies and they are safe for the person doing the cleaning. They help reduce pollution to waterways and air. Conventional chemical cleaners can easily seep into a water supply,  Using non-toxic products will likely increase the longevity of your life span and your lungs.

Second, they are more commonplace these days.  Most households are using natural or organic cleaning products. 

Third,  organic, non-toxic cleaning supplies will not work if you have a house that has years of buildup and neglect. You’re not going to go in there with a little bit of vinegar and baking soda and get rid of that mess.

You will likely need some strong products (such as bleach) for the initial clean because non-toxic, green, environmentally-friendly products are not likely to get rid of all that grime and mold and mildew.  Just wear a face mask to be safe and protect your lungs..

After that area is cleaned, you can maintain it with your tried and true organic products. Don’t beat yourself up if you have to bring something ugly out of the bucket because it’s not earth-friendly.

You should stock up with spray bottles and empty gallon jugs (such as water jugs) for mixing organic cleaning supplies 

Be sure to mix the products in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions and if you are using homemade organic cleaning products follow the recipes strictly to ensure consistent levels of cleaning.

Look out for future posts and videos where we plan to provide directions for mixing  your own products so you can be kind to the earth and environmentally friendly.

Do natural cleaning products kill bacteria?

Cleaning with soap and water or most natural cleaners can remove many germs from a surface, but it doesn’t kill germs. “’Disinfect’ is a term regulated by the FDA that means that a product kills 99.999 percent of bacteria or viruses within five to 10 minutes of application.  However, there is one all natural product that you can make yourself that kills bacteria and viruses.  

What are some natural disinfectants available to everyone?

  • Rubbing Alcohol.
  • White Vinegar
  • Lemons. 
  • Steam and Hot Water. 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide. .
  • Essential Oils. 7/9. 
  • Borax. 

Vinegar is a natural substance that is shown to kill cold and flu germs. It is 5 percent acetic acid.  It is the acid is what kills bacteria and viruses. Mix hot water and vinegar for the best results.

Hydrogen peroxide, another household staple, can also be used to kill bacteria and viruses.

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